Many that get this vaccine are under the false assumption that they will be protected from the covid virus and that you will be able to get back to "normal." The vaccine will not protect you and it will not keep the virus from spreading. After many were deceived into taking the jab, the limited degree of "normalacy" that you have been given will be short lived. Those in power are already talking about the return of masks and lockdowns because of the new covid variant. The variant is not dangerous as a top scientist tells you in the video, "Life and Death Pt 2" which is listed below. The variant is just the excuse that is being used to bring back mask mandates and planned lockdowns this fall.

Factual information on the vaccine is being suppressed and a narrative to get everyone in the world to be vaccinated is being pushed everywhere, from the government, the media, the culture, and medical professionals that are unaware of the truth. But there are tens of thousands of doctors and scientists that are sounding the alarm about the danger of these vaccines and the hidden agenda behind the goal to vaccinate the whole world.

This page is dedicated to sharing videos by some of the top doctors and scientists in the world. Watch them and gain the information necessary for you to make the best decision on this critical issue for you and your family.

Here's a Q&A checklist of facts that you will learn about before you go through some of the videos that I have archived on this page. All of the videos are really good, but the 10 video series called "Life and Death" are especially impactful. (Note all the videos from that series are not yet loaded on this page. Because of their importance I will make them all available as soon as possible.) Start out with the introductory white board video and the video that interviews the scientist that worked for the Bill Gates vaccine organization GAVI, before he learned the truth about the Gates agenda. Over time watch as many as the other videos as you can so you can know the whole truth about these vaccines. And make sure to share that information and this page with those who have yet to take the vaccine.

If you have taken the vaccine you need to see these videos as well and take action to strengthen your immune system. I recommend taking a regimen of Vitamin C, D3, Zinc and Ivermectin. And by all means DO NOT TAKE ANY ADDITIONAL VACCINES!!! You will learn why in these videos.

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Geert Vanden Bossche, is a scientist who, in the recent past has worked for both the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Gate's vaccine organization, GAVI, in the creation of vaccines. Now knowing what the vaccine is about to do to humanity, he is sounding the alarm.

This is a must view interview of Dr. Carrie Madej.

Why Is The Vaccine Being Pushed? There Is An Agenda ...

Before you watch the videos below, read this commentary

In the above videos on this "Before You Get The Covid Vaccine" web page,there is evidence from top doctors and scientists that the vaccine "solution" being pushed upon the world is going to result in massive disease and deaths among those vaccinated(and those they spread mutant strains to)a year or more down the road. When that happens, those that haven't gotten the shot and

the new "mutant strains" will be blamed for the deaths and the answer by government will be to mandate even more vaccines.

When you viewed the above videos and listened to the expert scientists and doctors(like Dr. Tenpenny with 20 years experience studying vaccines)tellwhat the vaccine is actually doing to modify people's genome and to destroy their natural immunity, you hopefully have come to understand how this is going to hurt and in many cases kill people.

The question is why?Why is the vaccine being pushed so hard, to the extent that they are even paying people to take the vaccine?

Understanding that the vaccine does not protect anyone from transmitting the virus(nor from getting it themselves)and it actually is

already causing a massive number of adverse reactions and thousands of deaths that go unreported . . .what could the motive be to

continually promote something that is known to be hurting people?It is almost unbelievable for anyone to think that there are those that would want to purposely see death and disease happen to people. The motive was touched on in a couple of the videos above, but I want to share some videos that go into great detail about a plan designed many years ago, before the Covid virus was ever released into the world, that will make the motive very clear.

The media has conditioned people to dismiss any information disseminated that would disagree with the well publicized narrative about the Covid virus, pcr tests, the death counts, lockdowns, masks, social distancing and vaccines. . .as conspiracy theories. I know that it is not easy to believe that the mainstream media, the governments of the world and the majority of the medical profession backed by the pharmaceutical industry could all be promoting a pandemic narrative that is not true. Our reasoning says "how could so many in society

be wrong?" When you learn in the first video below about theCIA created project Mockingbird, created in the 1950's whose mission has

been to gradually take over the mainstream media, entertainment world and academia to gradually brainwash the populace, . . . the

acceptance of the present narrative by the majority is not surprising. Yetthere are tens of thousands of doctors and scientists that look at

the scientific data, and the facts about how the Covid pcr tests are manipulated. . .and the way the death counts are falsely obtained to

promote fear. . .and they say that lockdowns, masks and vaccines are NOT PREVENTING the spread of the virus, but they are, in reality, ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTING to the spread of the virus. You heard some of those doctors and scientists in the videos above.

Why do you think that the media, press, tv, internet and social platforms were purposely used to suppress any information about

treatments for Covid through therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin?These therapeutics had been proven in both clinical trials and in the practices of doctors around the world to be cures for the Covid virus. So why was the information about these proven

cures censored and blacked out? It is very simple.If people know there is an effective cure for Covid, there would be no need for the vaccine. Andthe vaccine is the end game of the globalists that want to depopulate the world(kill great numbers of people)and control all who remain.

You might say that is just a conspiracy theory. First, the word "conspiracy" indicates that things are planned and done in secret.What you are about to see are the documents created and war games conducted right out in the openby the elite who created the pandemic and

all that has followed like the lockdowns and masks.All this has led to whole populations accepting their solution, the vaccine . . . a

solution that will soon be mandated by the introduction of vaccine passports.The global elite have not hidden any of their plans. . .this

is not a conspiracy. Andit is not a theorybecause what was documented over a decade ago has become fact. . . it is playing out just as they said right before our eyes.

You will learn about theRockefeller "LockStep" paper released publicly in 2010 that detailed what happened last year. You will learn aboutEvent 201, a walk through of what would happen if a virus was released into the world. This was an event that was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a few months before the release of the virus in the fall of 2017. Coincidence? Do you think that it was a coincidence that Dr. Fauci said, or should I say "prophesied," that Trump would face a "surprise" virus in January of 2017, at the beginning of Trump's administration, a year before it hit the US?

Pay special attention to the details of some war games that were conducted at John Hopkins University in 2016 that you will learn about in the second video below. That war game simulation was calledSPARS2025-2028. The names of the virus, individuals and even the vaccine were fictitious . . . and the years were changed, but you will be shocked to see thateverything in the global plandemic has come to pass exactly as they scripted out, 4 years before the release of the virus. Wait till you see what happens after the majority of the US population has taken the vaccine. It is not to late to resist, but their plan is being executed very rapidly. Examine the evidence in these videos and you will know that this is not a conspiracy theory . . . but it is factual information that is openly shared, because the global elite does not believe that anything or anyone can stop them from their genocidal plans. We must prove them wrong. That will only happen as more people get this information, stop buying the constant disinformation that they are being continually fed . . . and stand up for their freedoms . . . while they can.